Ziplining: First Time for Everything

Ziplining ... Letting go of solid ground is the hardest part. But, then you’re flying. A metaphor for life? Perhaps.


Make Time for Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright’s PA Masterpiece

When I read the pop-philosophy novel “The Fountainhead” at 19, I wanted the main character — architect Howard Roark — to be real. An idealistic youth, I was enchanted by author Ayn Rand’s ideas. Her obsession with self-determination worked my cognitive skills, as her devotion to authentic art and architecture touched my spirit. And then …

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Two Days in the Laurel Highlands

By Paris Wolfe, Traveler/Writer/Editor/Blogmaster Riding the Laurel Highlands was a no-brainer. The area -- about 3,000 square miles in the Allegheny Mountains – is just east of Pittsburgh and a short trip from our home in Northeastern Ohio. It offers hours of twisting, turning rides that rise and fall with the terrain. We launched our …

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Experience the Opulent Biltmore

By Paris Wolfe Contrasting the near-Bohemian vibe of downtown Asheville, North Carolina, the legendary Biltmore Estate stands as an anomaly, a temple to the decadent Gilded Age at the turn of the 20th century. It is the American equivalent of a castle. Then again, maybe their proximity makes sense. Asheville requires some funds to indulge …

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